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StockWatch, the must-have app for every investor!

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Effortlessly track your favorite stocks, forex, cryptocurrencies, and indices on your watch! This simple app displays it all at a glance.

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Follow dozens of global exchanges!

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Supports over 1300 forex pairs!

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StockWatch is a subscription-based app. After a 2-week free trial, there is a monthly subscription fee.


StockWatcStockWatch currently supports Arabic, German, English, French, Italian, Korean, Dutch, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish and Simplified Chinese.

We are open for any extra language requests!

StockWatch is available on the the Galaxy App Store


StockWatch, the must-have app for every investor!
Effortlessly track your investments on your watch! This simple app displays it all at a glance.

With StockWatch tracking stocks, forex, cryptos, and indices have been made easy.

The app offers:
- Current trading price;
- Opening and closing prices;
- The high and low of the day;
- The 52-week high and low;
- The volume;
- The year-to-date (YTD);
- Price chart of the trading day;
- The latest news.

Included in the app is a widget displaying the current price with low and high of the day.

StockWatch is available for all Samsung Galaxy Wear and Gear devices.

How to use

StockWatch is extremely easy to use

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Year overview
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